Hyperadvancer is process software that generates ideas (which tackle real world problems), 
brings together the right parties to collaborate on a solution 
and excels in bringing those solutions to the market. 

The process enables to move extremely fast from idea generation to go-to-market.
Each process is build around flexible partnerships, each time making roles, goals, timing, contributions and exits crystal clear.

An ultra-inspiring eye-opening hyperspeed journey through the galaxy,
showing how morphing of industry and healthcare would open/advance new business opportunities.


Discovering, Learning, Exploring, Testing, Generating, Collaborating, Experimenting, Educating, Tackling, Solving, Networking, Validating, Developing, Creating, Advancing, Building, ...


Contextual credibility
Primer on new technology and future solutions
Boatful of inspiration and deep insights
Intense networking
Discover collaborations with other industries
Demonstrate expertise
Test hypothesis (validation)
Increase intrapreneurial capacity
Help change culture & corporate venturing
Build competitive advantages